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Bringing Shanghai and New York to Struer

Discover how Bang & Olufsen has bridged the distance between headquarters and their affiliates—all with IT.

This is the story about how Danish design icon Bang & Olufsen is building their future with IT. Working with Atea, they’ve learned to embrace a bold new approach to strategic decision making with the goal of boosting value and connecting better with affiliates—no matter where they live.

The challenge was daunting. From their Struer-based headquarters, Bang & Olufsen Group directs some 1,100 employees worldwide, including retail stores in more than 60 countries. Furthermore, with its production of exclusive audiovisual products having moved to Eastern Europe long ago, the company sought ways to maintain the same level of service excellence that their customers and affiliates have always counted on.

They found the solution they were looking for in Atea’s Global Deliveries program. This included delivery of ready-to-use HP EliteBooks and other PCs to Bang & Olufsen's affiliates worldwide—whether they are in America, Europe or China. With Atea, this now happens in a matter of days—not weeks.

Letting go so that IT can deliver incredible value

“The key to making it work was to let go,” explains Thomas Kaaber, Senior Manager IT at Bang & Olufsen. It meant putting their trust in Atea Global Deliveries program as a proven way of delivering greater value while eliminating time-consuming tasks.

“Having to fill out customs papers everywhere from China to the United States is simply not a good experience and is not in the DNA of our company,” says Kaaber.

Instead, thanks to Atea, Bang and Olufsen has been able to cut out a lot needless tasks that used to stand in the way of delivering services to individual sales offices. “As a result, today’s IT department in Struer can concentrate on supporting business units and providing reliable, insightful IT support,” Kaaber says. “That represents huge value to us.”

 A vital choice for Bang & Olufsen

The cornerstone of its global agreement with Atea is the delivery of ready-to-use HP EliteBooks. This was an important decision as it demonstrated Bang & Olufsen’s dedication to [build and] maintain a close relationship with the American PC producer. And the choice was clear, as Kaaber explains: “HP's security features, such as the hardware-enhanced, self-healing HP Sure Start protection are robust enough to protect Bang & Olufsen's sensitive information without compromising on the user experience.”

The advantages don’t end there. Thanks to Atea, this arrangement also ensures speed and scale. It means the company can aggressively boost the number of HP EliteBooks ready for delivery right away. “Thanks to Atea, we can have a ready-to-use PC in place in Shanghai and New York within a handful of days. Not weeks (or even months), the way it used to be.”

Get started with your global IT strategy today

Working with Atea, Bang & Olufsen is building their future with IT. Here are three ways that Thomas Kaaber, Senior Manager IT at Bang & Olufsen, recommends that you get started building your own global IT strategy right away:

  1. Always be in full control of your business needs.
  2. Keep it simple! Avoid overcomplicating things no matter how tempted it can be go down that path.
  3. Stick with standardized IT solutions that already work. That way, the IT department gets resources to create more value to the productive end users.

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