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Delivering Competitive IT Solutions in the Global Market

Danish Crown has been growing steadily to become a leader in supplying retail, foodservices and pharmaceutical industries in Europe and abroad. Their global growth relies on having a robust way of working with IT seamlessly and quickly in all markets, including Europe, Africa, North America and Asia. Creating a sustainable future matters deeply to Danish Crown. With so much at stake, the firm engaged Atea to optimize the experience of over 7,500 of its IT users in Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Poland and the UK), South Africa, USA and China. As a result, Danish Crown gained access to Atea’s world-class infrastructure solutions. This includes ordering pre-configured PCs, servers and network equipment wherever Danish Crown operates.


A tough task made easier

As Danish Crown’s IT Director Jens Erik Jensen explains, working within a tight timeframe and on a global scale was not a simple task. “The global delivery agreement with Atea ensures the physical delivery of IT equipment to our offices around the world is done quickly and reliably.” Some destinations are very demanding and require deep knowledge of local requirements. That’s especially the case in China, where there’s a heightened need to meet all requirements of government authorities on inbound shipments of IT equipment. “That’s why it made good sense to choose Atea,” he adds. “This is familiar terrain for them.”

As Atea’s many customers can attest, even the toughest tasks become achievable thanks to the company’s deep know-how and strong partnerships. With this project, Atea ensures Danish Crown employees get their IT orders fulfilled within five days—no matter where they are located. Atea makes that challenging task achievable thanks to its longstanding relationship with Dell Technologies. As a result, Atea has the capacity to handle even the largest orders to the most distant destinations—all seemingly effortlessly.


Pre-approval helps accelerate the process

Another powerful advantage that Atea offers Danish Crown is the integration of its eShop services. It means that Danish Crown can count on clear, constant, integrated communications with Atea’s trusted partner, Dell Technologies, as IT supplier. As a result, Buffer Stock inventories remain up to date at all times, and the IT ordering process gets accelerated thanks to Atea eShop’s pre-approval system.

Better workflows mean better outcomes for Danish Crown. As Jens Erik Jensen explains: “An IT department’s success is defined by how reliable and efficient it serves its customers. We benchmark ourselves aggressively in that regard. And thanks to our work with Atea, we get to focus on steadily improving our core business while helping Danish Crown to continue to grow as a global leader.”


  • Danish Crown employs around 28,000 people globally, including 7,500 IT users.
  • Atea delivers a full range of ready-to-use IT products and services from Dell Technologies to Danish Crown.
  • The Global Supply agreement of IT-supplies covers both the domestic markets (Denmark, Sweden, Poland and the UK), as well as other locations in Europe and South Africa, USA and China.
  • Atea eShop is integrated with internal systems at Danish Crown.
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