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Banking on innovation

How Atea helped the Danske Bank become a trendsetter

“The office feels like home.” That’s the way Nerijus Petrauskas, Danske Bank’s Internal Communications Manager sums up the way its new IT Centre in Vilnius leaves a lasting, positive impression on staff. These professionally designed offices were opened in the heart of the capital of Lithuania: boasting an ambience that has a significant impact on the employee well-being, work efficiency, and even quality of life.
The office space boasts a range of technology-based enhancements, including computer-assisted interactive screens training purposes. A gigantic wall-integrated LCD screen measuring over two meters tall greets all visitors who enter the building. All 20 of its meeting rooms are equipped with a “single cable” solution: a presenter simply has to select the desired signal cable on the socket unit and connect it to their own computer. After disconnection, the screen simply goes into sleep mode.
As Petrauskas explains, these bold changes set an example for other units within the bank to follow. “It’s established a more informal working style here and that’s created some tangible benefits, especially for Generation Y employees, who are keen to fuse hard work and leisure time together. These new work spaces make that possible.”


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