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DelfiTV + Atea + Baltneta: seeing the bigger picture in streaming content online

Learn how Kristijonas Šiaulys counts on Atea to help DelfiTV expand their online streaming services while keeping pace with both audience demand and the need for great broadcast quality.

As online streaming continues to eclipse traditional TV services in major markets, opportunities come with new challenges. For the Delfi Media Group, that challenge was a matter of bandwidth: how to meet growing consumer demand for online streaming of their most valuable content without affecting the quality of their broadcasts online.

“As a media leader, we need to be at the heart of what we create and how we convey it,” says Kristijonas Šiaulys, Head of IT at Delfi. Streaming sporting events was a key part of meeting that goal. It provided an opportunity to broadcast sporting events that were not previously offered on TV. It grew quickly. More than 1,000 live video broadcasts are now shown annually.

A better solution for a bigger opportunity

However, as the viewership numbers climbed, the amount of available bandwidth did not. More and more people were streaming more and more content from a pipe that didn’t grow. “We were able to provide high-quality broadcasts only to 10,000 viewers,” says Šiaulys. “Going beyond that with the platform we were working from would have been very expensive. So we needed a better solution.”

Working with Atea, DelfiTV was paired with solution provider Baltnetos Communication. Together, a more robust platform was created using its existing online broadcasting base.

It means broadcasts can be viewed by five times more viewers than before. Baltnetos project manager Vailda Vaizmuzytė credits this boost to dynamic infrastructure. “This way, you’re not paying for surplus resources you don’t use, and the resources you do use are plentiful, inexpensive and fast.” Furthermore, by using this content delivery platform in a parallel manner, DelphiTV is able to properly allocate resources on outgoing traffic to Internet providers whose customers are watching Delfi TV broadcasts. The outcome: high-quality broadcasts online for anyone who uses the services of any Internet service provider in Lithuania.

Overtime in basketball: a big test

DelphiTV and Baltnetos faced their biggest test using this new approach in early 2017. As Kristijonas Šiaulys explains, in February a large number of viewers tuned in online to watch the King Mindaugas Cup basketball match between Lietuvos Rytas and Utena Juventus. “It was a tense match that ended in a draw and went into overtime. We hit a record of around 20,000 spectators and all were able to enjoy the game in crisp digital quality.”

Near future plans for DelfiTV include streaming in HD quality and adding more content. Work is also underway to address the need for greater bandwidth: the platform is so successful that an even larger channel—four times larger—will be needed.

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