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Better, faster, preconfigured

Better, faster IT in less time: Preconfigured clients for a worldwide operation

As a top manufacturer of hearing aids, diagnostic instruments and personal communications devices, Danish-based William Demant relies heavily on IT to operate its business. Its growth over the past decade has been substantial. As Peter Kryger, Manager of the firm’s DGS Nordic IT service desk explains: “When I started with the company, there were about 7,000 employees here. Today, we have 12,000. With this impressive growth has come a greater need to centralize IT functions.”
Having already successfully centralized certain processes in large parts of Europe and South Africa, William Demant was ready to take this task to the next level: creating a centralized delivery model of preconfigured Lenovo clients worldwide.
Following a contract tendering process, they chose Atea. The benefits of doing so became apparent right away.
“There are a number of obvious advantages to having a large-scale operation,” says Kryger. “For example, we can obtain much better prices, because we now have 12,000 units to negotiate with. We also can ensure that standards are maintained across all regions. I can download reports that show what will be delivered and ordered. This provides a significantly better overview, and has a positive impact on support.”
Better delivery time: crucial for business
A vital issue for Kryger and his team was the need to cut PC delivery times. The longer an office has to wait for PCs, the higher the risk of lost or suboptimal work. “To obtain fast delivery—within a maximum of three days—and making that happen in the 30 countries in which we operate is a huge job.” Needs forecasting plays a major role in making this better system operate properly.
Specifically, Kryger selects an employee to take responsibility for each region and produce a forecast every three months. Each manager also orders products directly through Atea's webshop. At Atea, trained Danish forwarding agents handle them and ensure they are delivered to the right destinations on time.
Powerful growth accelerator
Thanks to the new delivery model developed by Atea, William Demant can keep pace with the astounding growth that they have been experiencing. As businesses are acquired by the firm, it’s now easier and faster to transition them to the group's internal systems.
Says Kryger: “If we couldn’t implement our standards for PCs as fast as we do now, it would be a hindrance to our development. In the acquisition process, we need to handle things quickly, and we don’t have enough resources internally to do so. It is therefore a great help to have flexibility through the sourcing model.”
· Maximum of three days from order to delivery worldwide
· Onsite installation and asset recovery service
· Single point of contact for client services
· Keyboard support for local languages
· Track and trace on all orders
· Global customized web portal
· Local/centralized invoicing
· Not limited to one supplier
· Lenovo buy-back program
· Guaranteed prices

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