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Secure, collaborative manufacturing

Manufacturing in a secure environment: making it happen with cloud-based IT, thanks to Atea

For Garos—a Swedish-based manufacturer of machines used in the food industry—a safe, functional IT environment is an integral part of their business. Meeting that requirement became a growing challenge for this Jönköping-based firm as its product assembly process expanded beyond Sweden’s borders.

Benny Ståhl, the firm’s IT Manager and Electrical Designer explains how Atea was there for them when they needed professional know-how to boost remote operations with active monitoring. “Before, we had a good IT consultant who took care of our support when we contacted him,” he says. “Now he works for Atea and when he proposed a solution with remote operation, it sounded appealing.”
More secure through greater risk detection
Atea’s solution included antivirus monitoring of actual and virtual servers as well as that of their clients: all components can be accessed and operated remotely for quick support. The results have been outstanding for Garos. “We implemented the service in 2013 and it has surpassed my expectations,” says Ståhl. “It feels unbelievably safe to have the monitoring and to know they can quickly detect risks. They’re proactive in a way that we had neither the expertise or time to be in the past.”
He explains that Garos can now get a complete picture of their network far better than before and can instead count on a wider range of solutions to IT problems when they arise.
It all points to significant advantages that outsourcing provides. Says Ståhl: “Outsourcing this kind of service is a natural choice to me. Gaining this kind of competence—along with regular training of the employees—and putting in the necessary time internally is not an alternative, in my opinion.”
Capacity that grows with a business
Garos is a growing business. Having already added a second facility in Poland to its base of operations in Jönköping, the firm’s IT challenges have grown commensurately. Ståhl explains how Atea helps them meet that capacity. “It was clearly a major challenge to keep the entire IT environment stable and secure. I have great confidence in Atea, and I can spend my time on other tasks now that I don't have to worry about that on my own anymore. This solution works really well for us.”
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