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Putting a stop to ransomware now

Working with Atea, the IT team at insurance firm GF Forsikring developed a rock-solid solution for dealing with malicious ransomware attacks—once and for all.

Several times weekly, staff at Odense-based insurance company GF Forsikring were receiving suspect emails containing an especially damaging kind of malware, called ransomware.

A single click could result in the deployment of harmful code within their network, risking the de-encryption and theft of a wide range of sensitive data. Typically, the authors of this kind of malware attempt to extort money—demanded in bitcoins—from the afflicted company to get their unencrypted files back.

Enough is enough

After having dealt with costly cleanup associated with one such ransomware attack over the Christmas holidays, the company decided it had enough. They went looking for a reliable solution to stop these thieves in their tracks.

Thomas Pedersen, an IT infrastructure architect at GF Forsikring explains what happened next. The firm began looking at safeguarding its intranet as a solution, but saw no improvement.

They turned to Atea. “We conducted proof-of-concept, using the Secure DNS security solution that Atea recommended,” says Pedersen. “We did that for a month, and it ran impeccably. Since then, we have been running this for quite some time and have not been hit once by ransomware.”

Aggressive blocking of suspect IPs: major time savings

Up to 20,000 harmful domains are blocked daily using this system. It also blocks more than 100 files using traffic filters which are constantly scanning the network for suspect activity and malware. Pedersen can see all of this happening in real-time on a dashboard.

This translates into a significant time savings for the company. He adds: “We are saving five working hours a week that used to get spent restoring files—to say nothing of the downtime costs associated with having staff unable to do their work while their computers are down. Now, we get to spend our time on productive projects instead of on reactive exercises.”

By working with Atea, GF Forsikring is now protected against harmful ransomware by using a Secure DNS solution, featuring:
  • protection from unsafe websites, as well as malware control on servers and drop servers.
  • Ongoing updates without administration or maintenance required.
  • Personal follow-up via an online portal where known blacklisted IPs are blocked and reported.
  • Blocking more than six million domains for malicious content, and adding more than 20,000 new ones daily.
  • Secure logs for all DNS records, including those that are not currently blocked.

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