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Big screen + big audio = stunning

Big-screen, big-audio: an unforgettable experience for all at the Kristiansand Congress Center

Conference and concert goers at Norway’s Kristiansand Congress Center today enjoy a stunning visual and audio experience, thanks to partnership work with Atea.

As the largest conference center in Southern Norway, the Kristiansand Congress Center (locally called Q42) is built to impress and delight its visitors.

From its restaurant, coffee shop, catering services and hotel room, to its media services for radio and TV, built-in apartments and office spaces and roof garden, this is a center designed to meet many needs while serving as a gathering place.

Visual and audio elements add the finishing touches

Thanks to Atea, that great experience for visitors extends to the visual and audio elements of the building. The Center hosts one of Norway’s largest LED walls: a stunningly crisp big screen, complemented by world-class audio services.

The Center’s Operations and Marketing Manager, Charlotte Beckmann Østeby, explains: “We set out to offer audience the largest and very best concert and conference hall experience in southern Norway.”

Surpassing goal and expectations

By working with Atea, they achieved that goal. And even surpassed it. “We also became a network, audio and video provider,” she adds.

The Center’s main hall—the crown jewel of Q42—uses multiple camcorders and an advanced audio and video system to record concerts and stream content. This means that experiences can be captured professionally for the enjoyment of others in the future. Adding to the experience, the Center’s large LED wall greets visitors, allowing event organizers to create engaging visual messages for all kinds of audiences.

“The result is a spectacular visual experience that really has to be seen in person,” says Beckmann Østeby. “It’s created one more compelling reason for people to come visit this fantastic new center and experience it for themselves.”

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