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Outsourcing for more growth

How IT outsourcing helped boost growth for Oras

Fitting manufacturer Oras chose Atea to help the firm outsource its IT services, including workstations as well as user and server management. While this shift arrived in the wake of a major acquisition by the firm, resulting in nearly doubling sales, it also meant that Oras needed to find ways to add customer support in many new languages, including German and English.

By the outsourcing its basic IT services, Oras can stay focused on business-oriented development, explains Atea’s Solution Manager Olli Kinnunen. “That’s important, because this is a crucial time for a growing company and Atea helps ensure they can maximize that growth outwards for quite a long time.”

Results have been positive for Oras. As Aki Saurimaa, the firm’s IT Manager points out, each stage of production chain relies on information technology, and even with outsourcing in place, it can count on its in-house experts to ensure infrastructure remains up-to-date. “We chose Atea to be our outsourcing partner, says Saurimaa, “as the company is able to meet the needs of our Europe-wide organization and has proved to be service-minded and to have the desire to develop cooperation with us.”

Longer-term plans include the development of next-generation support services including automation and user-guided solutions. In addition to service-outsourcing, Oras purchases smartphones for employees through Atea’s Free Choice purchase model. This means staff can choose the individual phone that suits their needs based on a wide range of choices. Free Choice acquisition costs per worker are standardized: the employer rents the equipment and the employee pays the part exceeding the standard rent cost. At the end of the lease period the device will remain at the employee.

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