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Better homecare, in your pocket

Care in your pocket: how one municipality is using digitization to create better homecare

Working with Atea, the municipality of Piteå is innovating how it delivers homecare: helping more people in less time and at reduced costs.

It was a dramatic, sudden change for Piteå. Within just 60 days of having implemented an app-based service, homecare in this municipality—the largest and most northerly county in the County of Norrbotten—became more efficient, more secure and at reduced cost.

Here’s how Atea helped make that happen.

With a total population of over 42,000 people, roughly half of Piteå’s inhabitants live outside of the town. This has huge implications for homecare services. Traditionally it has required that staff make long, frequent trips by car across the region. Christer Grahn of the Piteå Municipality explains: “Our staff used to have to go back and forth to the same patient several times in the same day. First, to assess needs of a patient. Then, back to the office to do research or follow-up on their findings. And then back again to administer care to the patient.” It was a costly and time-consuming way to deliver much-needed care.

For providing homecare in Piteå, using Vivacare helps:
  • Increase patient safety
  • Boost timesaving efficiency
  • Elevate the quality of care
  • Reduce costs
  • Generate fewer overtime hours

A powerful solution that fits in your pocket

Working with Atea, Piteå implemented a powerful time-saving solution: the Vivacare app. As a result, much of what used to take hours or even days to accomplish is now done in minutes by healthcare providers. Vivacare provides a wide array of information right away.

“Because staff have this in their pocket now, there’s no longer the need for costly, time-consuming travel between the patient and the office. Now, staff can devote their time at the health center: not to the road,” says Grahn. Night-shift and weekend staff also enjoy the benefits of this innovation, too. It means that they no longer have to drive back to the office to complete their journals or paperwork. The app handles that instead: again, at substantial savings where overtime used to be a necessity.

Greater safety for patients

The benefits of using Vivacare in homecare aren’t just limited to cost and time savings. There is also a powerful safety advantage for patients. Since staff work more efficiently, it means they have more time to focus directly on patient needs. That means more checking-in on patients and more time focused on journaling to diagnose medical issues. All of this translates into greater peace of mind for patients.

For Grahn, the success of the Vivacare project has opened everyone’s eyes to the opportunities created by digitization. Additional ways to do more with this new approach are now being explored. These include remote supervision, planning patient care for those returning from hospital, as well as integration with FASS (Sweden’s popular health-related website) and the National Patient Register.

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