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Remote work excellence

Virtualizing excellence: how Atea helps elevate remote work for municipal workers

With a population of population of some 85,000 inhabitants covering more than 1,700 square kilometers, Pori, Finland is a small city with a large footprint. It’s ideally positioned to adopt remote work systems for municipal employees. They turned to Atea to help develop a virtualizing solution to make this possible.
Atea’s solution: Citrix technology designed to make it easier for staff to securely gain remote access to various computer systems and to better leverage mobile devices at work. The outcome has been a better system overall that serves citizens exceptionally well. As Atea Account Manager Patrick Simon-Bellamy explains: “applications and files are kept safe within the city, resulting in rock-solid reliability and security.” Once this project reaches completion, some 2,000 municipal employees will be using this new remote system, gaining unprecedented workbench virtualization.
Providing a new way to connect and interact with staff, Pori’s remote work solution offers a new level of flexibility to staff in terms of how and where they work. Previously, all work was done at municipal offices. Technology now means that much of that work can be done elsewhere at home or on the road.
According to Pori spokesperson Jori Pasanen: “Given the variety of work tasks we have, we needed time to manage the transition and to create appropriate rules.” He explains that the project is helping the city save on IT costs associated with maintenance, equipment acquisition, and data system projects. “The project will pay for itself in four years. Now we get to make changes and updates on all desired virtual desks at once.”


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