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Secure, sustainable IT recycling

Recycling IT at Scania: made both sustainable and secure

In Scania, sustainability and security work hand-in-hand now, thanks to a bold IT recycling program developed with Atea.

As one of the top truck manufacturers in the world, Scania takes pride in building products that deliver goods efficiently and in a sustainable manner. Its sense of responsibility extends to how they manage the IT hardware used by over is 46,000 employees in over 100 countries.

There are no borders where sustainability is concerned. Whether Scania’s business is in France, Brazil or Sweden, they remain equally committed to carrying out their role as a responsible user of resources and technology. As Daniel Olsen of Scania explains: “In everything we do—both internally and externally—we strive to optimize our flow and resources while reducing our environmental impact. It applies to our entire business: from the supply chain to our production system.

Understanding innovation, sustainability and security

Scania works with Atea’s Goitloop concept: a proven method of providing innovative solutions and a commitment to sustainability. All in a secure manner. Ranked gold by EcoVadis in 2017 for corporate responsibility, Atea understands that new and ever-increasing demands today are being placed on the IT equipment used in cars and offices. In turn, this makes it increasingly important to identify and eliminate resource solvency and environmental impact on end-of-life IT equipment.

It’s a partnership that gets outstanding results. “Today,” says Olsen, “95% of our IT equipment gets recycled as part of our sustainability strategy.”

A proven, multi-stage process

Working with Atea, Scania has implemented a multi-stage process for re-using IT equipment. Equipment that requires data clearing is handled quickly and managed with care. “It's important for us to keep an eye on who is buying the equipment,” says Olsen, “so that it ends up in good hands and not in some landfill.”

To ensure that the end-of-life IT equipment is handled safely and efficiently, Scania has been using Atea's innovative Goitloop service for nearly half a decade. “The service is very smooth and works like a proven system should,” says Olsen. “Having Atea as our partner to ensure all relevant IT hardware data is deleted in the recycling process: that’s valuable peace of mind.”

It underlines the value of having a trusted partner in this area, adds Olsen. “It’s vital that you get help with security certifications, ensuring the correct versions of products in use, and employing the correct tools to erase equipment.”

Olsen concludes that when it comes to IT recycling, every step needs to be in the hands of trusted, capable professionals: “too much is at stake when you’re redistributing your IT equipment. It’s never something you should try to do on your own.”

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