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Focus on expertise, not IT

Meet the consultants who thrive by not ever having to think about IT

Consulting firm Srf konsulterna thrives by keeping a laser-sharp focus on their area of expertise: payroll and accounting. They count on Atea to deliver excellence in IT to help keep them growing.

Sweden’s Srf konsulterna is the country’s leading organization for payroll and accounting. Operating from offices in Falun and Stockholm, the firm’s 35 staff work closely with a wide range of clients helping to solve challenging business problems that are financial in nature. Meanwhile, Atea solves challenges for them that are IT related, so Srf konsulterna can remain focused on their area of expertise.

Giving them the IT they need

Margareta Perlström, the Chief Administrative Officer at Srf konsulterna explains: “We’re not a big organization, but we are really busy. With so many here who travel so much it’s vital we have a robust IT environment serving us. All employees have to be able to access their systems, no matter where they are.”

That’s where Atea make the difference.

Srf konsulterna doesn’t have an IT manager in place. They don’t need one. They get all the professional IT services they need from Atea through a lease arrangement. “This covers us for everything we need in the IT area: from networks to client and server operations,” says Perlström. It’s a highly successful agreement that has grown in scope over the years. As the firm continues to work closely with Atea over the years, more and more of their IT environment has become cloud-based. And Perlström says Atea has always been there for them, understand the unique challenges they face.

Having the best IT: made possible with Atea

It’s a matter of focus, say Perlström. “We don’t have to spend any time worrying about IT. Our focus is on our area of expertise—and that’s accounting and payroll. That’s a huge benefit for us, because we are working with a company that fully understands who we are, what we do and how we want to grow. Atea gives us the best IT we need to make that happen.

Local access is also a huge advantage, according to Perlström. She cites the availability of Atea consultants in nearby Borlänge and Stockholm. “This makes it easier for us to get help on-site. We can call our Atea consultant at any time and ask about anything. And we get help almost immediately.”

The firm’s growth plans are also influenced by the valuable insight provided by Atea. As Perlström points out, solutions are regularly proposed, custom-designed to suit their scope and size. “We will continue the transition to modern technology with cloud-based services and remove all physical servers here,” Perlström concludes. “Switching to the software-as-service model, in which all our applications are pushed out to users from a central hub, would make a lot of sense. In the long run, it would be cheaper for us and save time for Atea. That’s a project that’s on the horizon for us.”

Srf konsulterna thrives by counting on Atea to deliver a range of IT services, including:
  • Cloud-based IT services
  • Office 365 implementation and support
  • Atea Service Desk
  • Cloud-server management
  • Cloud-based networking
  • Consultants on-site when required

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