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Building a sustainable future

At Atea, our mission is to build the future with IT. We believe that access to technology can improve people’s lives and enable society to reach ever-higher living standards. To fully realize our mission, it’s not enough for Atea to offer world-class IT solutions. We must ensure the long-term sustainability of our business and take responsibility for the impact we have on our planet. This means recognizing our obligations and continuously improving our performance in areas such as responsible sourcing, business ethics, environment and human rights.

Over the past years we have enhanced our monitoring system for the supply chain, and have sent teams to factories in China and to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to gain a deeper understanding of the reality in which we operate. We have also established a new organization with compliance officers, updated our Code of Conduct and introduced a mandatory program of e-learning related to business ethics and the fight against corruption.

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders on corporate sustainability through a broad range of interactions, including events, meetings, fairs and joint audits. We also receive direct feed-back by means of formal surveys in areas such as customer and employee satisfaction. By communicating with stakeholders, we enhance our perspective on corporate sustainability and discover opportunities for improvement.
We are committed to continuing this important work: reviewing and improving management practices throughout our group, and incorporating a sustainability perspective in everything we do. Our goal is to further strengthen Atea’s position at the forefront of IT vendors in the area of corporate sustainability.
For more detailed information, please see our latest sustainability report which summarizes the initiatives and activities Atea has carried out during the fiscal year.

Did you know?

  • we have been awarded the highest possible rating, “GOLD”, for corporate social responsibility at EcoVadis (2017 & 2018)
  • we have been awarded “Prime” (highest) status by Oekom Research AG, one of the world´s leading rating agencies in the field of sustainable investment (2018)
  • we were awarded Excellent Sustainable Supplier in 2015 by the Swedish Competition Authority
  • we won the award “Green role model” in 2016 thanks to our environmental efforts
  • we are the first European IT- infrastructure provider/vendor to join the  Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)
  • we have been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2010
  • our recycling operation handles 300 000+ units every year
  • Atea´s core business is ISO 14001 certified
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