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Charitable efforts

Atea is engaged in the following range of charitable efforts as part of its commitment to good corporate citizenry and to help advance meaningful change in the world.


Atea Norway supports Prosperity Girls High School in Sierra Leone.

In Latvia, Atea Global Service employees participate in numerous education support initiatives (career days in universities, student summer camps, scholarships for low income families, sponsorship for kindergarden)


Through the NGO Børnefonden, Atea Denmark supports 50 children in Benin with school and healthcare.


Atea Sweden supports numerous antipoverty initiatives in developing countries through a collaboration with Hand in Hand Sweden.

Atea Sweden supports poverty and environmental efforts in Malawi through the Zero Mission.

Atea Finland cooperates with the Finnish Red Cross to help poor families through the Christmas Spirit Campaign.

Refugee assistance

Atea Denmark donates computers to refugee children who are residing in the country.

Atea Sweden donates to the UNHCR’s efforts to help refugees in war-torn regions.

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