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In pursuit of being a leader in Corporate Sustainability practices, Atea has received international recognition in a number of areas for its efforts. This is further supported by its sustainability-related memberships and speaking engagements.

Awards and recognition:


Atea is a proud member of the following sustainability organizations:
UN Global Compact
UN Global Compact Nordic Network
Næringslivets Miljö Chefer (Sweden)
Grønt Punkt (Norway)

Speaking engagements:

Atea’s leadership and spokespersons have addressed audiences at a wide range of industry sustainability events:

• UN Global Compact (2017)
• Almedalen (2017) 

Responsible Electronics in San Francisco (2016)
• Fossil Free Transport (2016)
• Sustainable Supply Chain at NMC (2016)
• Upphandling24 about sustainable it (2016)
• Dell Future Ready Tour (2016)

• Ethical Procurement in Stockholm (2015)
• Environmental Car of the Year (2015)

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