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Atea Sustainability Focus

Atea Sustainability Focus is an initiative that will increase the focus and pace of the IT industry sustainability work globally, embracing the opportunities provided by the Sustainable Development Goals. The initiative provides a platform for the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and the global IT industry to engage directly and effectively with the Nordic market – at the forefront when it comes to sustainability demands. By inviting Nordic customers to engage in an annual dialogue, they are given the opportunity to set the pace and priorities for the global sustainability agenda within IT.
At the core of the initiative – the Nordic Advisory Board facilitated by Atea will provide recommendations that balance customers’ demands and industry possibilities. The annual focus will facilitate progress.

ASF Dialogue

The ASF dialogue is an annual survey designed to gather the Nordic markets insights, knowledge and expectations for a more sustainable IT industry. It targets the most engaged IT buyers in the region holding the sustainability flag highest.

ASF Advisory Board

ASF Advisory Board is a council of Nordic sustainability leaders from both the private and public sector, who also happen to be among the largest IT buyers in the Nordics and digitalization leaders in their own industry. Each organization contributes with sustainability and IT expertise.
This group of experts is tasked to analyze and interpret the customers’ views gathered through the annual ASF-dialogue and to formulate focused and relevant recommendations for the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and its members. The goal: to help the EICC prioritize and further develop its sustainability work and spread it amongst its members.

ASF Forum

Atea Sustainability Focus was launched on 6-7 July 2017 in Visby, in the context of Almedalen – the largest annual meeting place for politicians, business and civil society in Sweden. The launch event in itself created a platform for sustainability leadership – providing inspiration about the role of IT for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and galvanizing Nordic IT buyers into setting a bold but credible agenda for the industry to pursue.

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