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Innovative retail with IT

Retail success grows faster with IT: how Douglas LT is leading the way

Douglas LT is innovating the way that retail stores are managed and operated in Lithuania. All with the power of Atea and its technology partners.

The Douglas Group is the largest network of perfume and cosmetic stores in Europe—a vital player in the $450 billion (USD) beauty and cosmetics industry. In its operations in Lithuania, Douglas LT counts on Atea to help guide and harness the power of new technology and innovations for its retail stores.

It’s a partnership that has been going strong for 10 years.

Douglas LT is one of just a few within the Douglas Group to use a business management system that’s been adapted to match local needs with the principles of the global organization. Atea makes it work for them.

“We can innovate quickly here in Lithuania, and that’s a powerful advantage to have in this business,” explains Paulius Prižgintas, Douglas LT's CFO. “We can easily implement changes and improvements in our stores. For us, new systems and better technologies don’t create barriers: they are the tools that bring about faster change.”

Innovation made easier, achieved faster

Douglas LT counts on Atea’s deep knowledge of IT in a wide range of ways: from the selection of computer technologies and their installation at workstations, to programming and supervising their business management system. Everything works easier and faster as a result. “With Atea, outsourcing is not driven just by economic factors. It means we don’t have to worry about finding, retaining and training the best IT specialists. They do this. And they do it exceptionally well,” says Prižgintas.

The outcome: Douglas LT estimates that time spent on IT matters within their organization is one-fifth what it used to be. That’s a substantial savings. And the advantages don’t stop there.

Every second counts

“With Atea helping us build our future with IT, we gain the advantage of being able to track customer flows and conversions within five minutes. It means we can make crucial decisions in minutes where it takes other hours or even days,” says Prižgintas. Weekly meetings with Atea’s team of specialists examine tasks at hand, problems solved, and lessons learned. Real-time problems are logged into Atea’s helpdesk. From there, each incident is dealt with by IT engineers who respond promptly.

Atea makes it look effortless. But it’s the product of years of refining. Working together with Douglas LT, Atea’s quick response hinges on having a team of four IT engineers, all within a 100 km radius of 30 stores operating in Lithuania. As Tomas Jankovski, the head of the Atea’s service department explains: “It’s hard to imagine one person specializing in so many different fields. To achieve the same effect we do but instead using an internal team would be prohibitively expensive.”

Bold plans for the road ahead

At Douglas LT, there is great pride in being an innovative user of technology. And that task is one that remains always at the top of their must-do list. Stores in their area are investing in integrated multimedia: modern LED screens, installed by Atea. Synchronized broadcasts allow for dynamic delivery of more content. Within their shops, represented brands such as Dior and Armani have the ability to change their range of products in real time. Douglas LT was also one of the first in its group to launch e-commerce.

They do all this for their customers. As Prižgintas concludes: “We want to remain flexible and to keep expanding both in terms of what we offer and how convenient it is to do business with us. Atea helps us do this, and that’s to the delight of our customers.”

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