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”For over 50 years, Atea has built its business by earning the trust of its customers and partners and creating an environment where talented professionals can collaborate, learn and grow.”

— Steinar Sønsteby, CEO

Atea Code of Conduct

The Atea Code of Conduct provides standards for business practices at Atea. It’s the backbone of our company and forms the basis for conduct and decision making for all Atea employees. The Code is understood by all employees, reviewed periodically and translated into all local languages.

Reporting compliance concerns

If you are facing a challenging situation at Atea involving conduct, business ethics, compliance or information security, we want to know and help. We promise to listen and respond as necessary to uphold our Code of Conduct.

If you have an issue or concern regarding the Code of Conduct, you should first speak with the direct manager or HR manager in the office or region in which you work. They are the ones who are closest to your issue and are most able to quickly respond with direct assistance and support.

If you seek additional guidance or wish to report a concern outside of the immediate workplace, Atea’s compliance organization is available to hear and address any issues you may have.

The Code of Conduct also covers Atea’s information security policies. If you have a question related to IT security or data protection at Atea, please contact the Atea global service desk.

Compliance Officers:
Atea Group: Robert Giori / Andreas Antonsen / Mattias Hedberg
Atea Sweden: Raymond Saint-Cyrel
Atea Norway: Jan Sturle Fjellman
Atea Denmark: Christian Buch
Atea Finland: Oona Parko
Atea Baltics: Neringa Sipavičienė / Helery Truu
Atea Logitics: Anette Alrutz
Atea Global Services: Mattias Hedberg
AppXite: Īlajs Lijs

Customers, partners and other parties may also report suspected violations of laws or the Code of Conduct by email to the Compliance team at, or anonymously through the Whistleblower Hotline.

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors is responsible for the implementation of sound corporate governance policies across the Atea Group, in accordance with the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance.

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Information security

As the leading provider of information technology in the Nordic and Baltic regions, Atea has a special responsibility to ensure that its operations conform to strict standards of information security. Atea’s information security team systematically works to maintain best practice in data protection. To accomplish this, Atea has implemented a Global Information Security Management System based on the ISO 27001 standard across its business units and service delivery organizations. If you seek additional guidance on information security or wish to report a suspected data breach, you should contact the Chief Information Security Officer.

Chief Information Security Officers:
Atea Group - Jan Erik Isaksson
Atea Sweden – Sofie Löfman
Atea Norway – Ådne Gustafsson
Atea Denmark – Anders Høgh Olesen
Atea Finland – Tero Kovanen
Atea Baltics – Neringa Sipavičienė
Atea Logistics – Erik Fäldt
Atea Global Services - Harijs Bernāns
AppXite – Īlajs Lijs
Atea Managed Services - Ole-Martin Halden
Atea Digital Services - Jan Erik Isaksson (act.)

The Chief Information Security Officer can also be reached at:

Download Information Security Risk Management Policy: