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As the leading provider of information technology in the Nordic and Baltic regions, Atea has a special responsibility to ensure that its operations conform to strict standards of information security. We therefore see information security as a cornerstone of our operational strategy. Our approach goes beyond technical measures to encompass a comprehensive strategy aimed at safeguarding our organization's and our customers' information assets.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, maintaining security is of high importance. We employ a strategic security framework based upon our Information Security Management System (ISMS) following ISO 27001:2022 standard.

By prioritizing information security, we not only protect our organization from cyber threats, we also emphasize our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner. Our strategic focus on information security enables us to adapt to emerging challenges and maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly complex environment.

Group Security within AteaGroup Security within Atea

Contact information

If you seek additional guidance on information security, you should contact the Chief Information Security Officer.

Group Chief Information Security Officer:
Atea Group - Jan Erik Isaksson

Local Chief Information Security Officers:
Atea Sweden – Sofie Löfman
Atea Norway – Ådne Gustafsson
Atea Denmark – Per Wollenberg
Atea Finland – Tero Kovanen
Atea Baltics – Neringa Sipavičienė
Atea Logistics – Erik Fäldt
Atea Global Services - Harijs Bernāns
AppXite – Īlajs Lijs
Atea Managed Services - Ole-Martin Halden
Atea Digital Services - Jan Erik Isaksson (act.)

The Chief Information Security Officer can also be reached at:


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the EU regulation for protection of personal data that came into force on May 25th, 2018, and it has replaced the 95/46/EC Directive for protection of personal data. Regulation has strengthened the rights that EU citizens have over their personal data.

Atea is committed to protecting the privacy and security of the personal data of our customers and employees. Like many others, Atea works hard to ensure that the Atea Privacy Program meets the highest standards of data protection. This is not a new effort for us, but rather a continuous commitment to our customers and employees regarding our data collection, use, retention and sharing practices. This is also a continuous commitment to implement appropriate technical security measures to protect all Atea stakeholders. Atea has full transparency on the Atea Privacy Program.

Atea builds on the foundation and discipline necessary to provide solutions that fuse technology, creativity and values with extended embedded privacy and security by design. The Atea Privacy Program is managed by a corporate governance structure driven by Group Privacy Officer and local Data Protection Officers. Atea’s corporate governance structure ensures engagement from senior management on data privacy and security issues, alignment of policies, procedures and technical controls.

Atea Group executes GDPR audits in all Atea Countries to control compliance with GDPR on yearly basis. Findings from GDPR audit are monitored for completion to improve and increase the GDPR compliance level within Atea.



Data Protection Officers within Atea:

Group Privacy Officer (Atea ASA):
Atea Norway:
Atea Denmark:
Atea Sweden:
Atea Finland:
Atea Baltics:
Atea Global Services:
Atea Logistics: