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Make everyday work easier

Regardless of whether employees are working in the office or from home, today’s employees requires proper technology to be effective. Below we have compiled a list of our solutions. The goal is to meet the need between space, people and technology.

Smart workplaces

Man in digital meeting

Equipment for the office and home office

Many organizations are adapting to a new “hybrid work” model, where employees will alternate between working from the office and from home. This places completely new demands on the workplace and the physical working environment. Employees need the right equipment to collaborate and be productive regardless of their location. Atea has solutions to enable the “hybrid workplace” and make it more efficient.

Four people sitting in meetingroom with 3 participants on screen

Digital meeting rooms - the workplace of the future

With the new “hybrid” way of work, many meetings will virtually bring together participants - working from home, their desktop and multiple office meeting room locations. At the same time, users can be on various platforms such as Cisco Webex, Google, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This places new demands on the design of the digital meeting rooms.

Atea has extensive experience in delivering digital meeting room solutions designed to the customer’s requirements and in collaboration with the top technology partners.

Productivity and collaboration tools - the road to profitable solutions

At Atea, we understand how technology can improve employee productivity. Organizations require new ways of working to maximize the benefits of the digital transformation. Our consultants work together with customers to design and build workplace solutions that match the organization’s goals and strategy.

We help customers train employees on new solutions to ensure a smooth implementation process. Our framework has been developed based on many years of experience and best practice.

Technology as a service

Why own when you can rent? Technology as a Service is a comprehensive offer where Atea takes responsibility for large parts of the digital workplace operation. We offer computers, meeting room equipment and mobile phones in combination with operation, application administration and user-friendly support. The IT equipment will be managed throughout a safe and sustainable lifecycle.

Technology as a Service consists of 3 parts:

  • Operation - safe and functioning solutions
  • Lifecycle management – total care for devices and accessories
  • Support - Help when you need it

The offer is scalable. You can start with a number of units, and then scale up if it works well and produces the desired effect for your business.


  • Full control: We do the work for you and check the status of your backups.
  • Predictable costs: The service is offered at a fixed price, and you only pay for what you use.
  • Backup: A data backup is secured in an external location.
  • Fast restore: The service guarantees fast and safe recovery of data and information.
  • Flexible and scalable: Capacity can easily be scaled up and down as needed.
  • Security and privacy: Our focus on ISO/IEC-27001 and GDPR meets the requirements for IT security and privacy.


Digital signs - intelligent, digital communication

Digital signs enable intelligent communication with customers and employees. We live in a world where development is fast and communication on digital platforms is essential. Atea helps customers integrate new technology and insights to create intelligent communication with customers and employees. Good insight makes it possible to make the right decisions. And with smart integrations, we automate processes to exploit data that already exists.