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ESG Overview

Atea’s 2030 Vision

Atea’s mission is to build the future with IT. We believe that information technology, combined with knowledge and creativity, can improve living standards across society and help to achieve a more sustainable future. As one of Europe’s largest resellers of IT infrastructure, Atea is uniquely positioned to facilitate and accelerate a journey towards sustainable IT. 

This is our goal with the 2030 Vision – to be a step ahead and drive positive change in our industry.

Sustainable Development Goals and Atea

Agenda 2030 was established by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action for global development. The agenda consists of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 underlying targets to be achieved by the end of this decade. It has been adopted by all UN member states.

At Atea, we are committed to leverage our knowledge and business to contribute to the transformations needed in order to achieve the SDGs. We have identified six primary goals where our efforts have the greatest potential for impact. These are based on an assessment of the underlying targets to each SDG and their link to our identified material sustainability topics.

ESG data section






GhG Emissions Scope 1 tCO2e 3 766 3 438 3 406
GhG Emissions Scope 2 - market-based tCO2e 7 087 6 776 2 879
GhG Emissions Scope 2 - location-based tCO2e 2 815 2 291 2 064
GhG Emissions Scope 3 tCO2e 724 122 706 233 792 346
GhG Emissions Category 1 - Purchased goods and services tCO2e 716 289 701 726 783 220
GhG Emissions Category 3 - Fuel- and energy-related activities not included in Scope 1 or Scope 2 tCO2e 1 396 1 257 1 606
GhG Emissions Category 4 - Upstream transportation and distribution tCO2e - - 5 270
GhG Emissions Category 5 - Waste generated in operations tCO2e 345 238 243
GhG Emissions Category 6 - Business travel tCO2e 4 252 1 424 1 203
GhG Emissions Category 9 - Downstream transportation and distribution tCO2e 1 839 1 586 802
Emissions Intensity tCO2e emissions per revenue in MNOK   0,2 0,2 0,1
Emissions Intensity tCO2e emissions per full time employee   1,4 1,4 0,8
Energy Usage Electricity consumption MWh 32 970 29 384 26 289
Energy Usage Share of electricity consumption from renewable sources % 30% 48% 78%
Water Usage Water consumption m3 4 130 8 735 6 932
Environmental Operations Climate Policy in place   YES YES YES
Environmental Operations Climate target approved by Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi)   YES YES YES
Emissions VOC emissions   0 0 0
Emissions NOx emissions   3,5 3,4 3,3
Emissions SOx emissions   1,5 1,4 1,3
Emissions PM emissions   0 0 0






Employee Full-time employee headcount at year end 7 585 7 337 7 658
Employee Employee turnover 18,3% 17,6% 16,7%
Employee diversity by age group < 30 19,9% 18,0% 17,3%
Employee diversity by age group 30-50 55,1% 55,4% 55,5%
Employee diversity by age group > 50 25,0% 26,5% 27,2%
Gender Diversity Percentage of total enterprise headcount held by women 24% 23% 25%
Gender Diversity Percentage of manager positions held by women - - 29%
Injury Rate Lost time injury frequency rate 0 0 0
Sick leave Sick leave in per cent of employees 2,9% 2,1% 2,3%






Board Diversity Percentage of board seats occupied by women (as compared to men) 50%
(4 of 8)
(3 of 8)
(3 of 8)
Incentivized Pay Senior Management Pay linked to Sustainability YES YES YES
Collective Bargaining Percentage of enterprise headcount covered by collective bargaining agreement(s) 90% 90% 90%
Supplier Code of Conduct Supplier Code of Conduct in place YES YES YES
Ethics & Anti-Corruption Is Ethics and/or Anti-Corruption covered by Code of Confuct? YES YES YES
Ethics & Anti-Corruption Percentage of your workforce in compliance with Code of Conduct? 100% 100% 100%
Data Privacy Data Privacy policy in place YES YES YES
Data Privacy Compliant with GDPR rules YES YES YES
Disclosure Practices Does your company focus on specific UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? YES YES YES
External Assurance Are your sustainability disclosures assured or validated by a third party? - - YES


Having robust and externally verified management systems in place is a core component of effective operations, and a critical part of the foundation for our sustainability work. Below you will find our various certifications in line with best practices and business standards in the IT industry.

Sustainability reporting

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability report

2021 was the second year of Atea’s ten-year vision for a long term sustainability. Here’s what we accomplished:

  • Retained our certificates within ISO - ensuring compliance with best practices and business standards in the IT industry.
  • Began the process of adapting to the current EU Taxonomy and continue to monitor and respond to new developments.
  • Attended the Fall 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. At the summit Atea raised IT and technology as a part of the solution in the fight against the climate crisis, working towards a more sustainable future.


Download 2020 Sustainability report ->
Download 2019 Sustainability report ->

Carbon Footprint report

Innovative solutions support and inspire us, as well the customers we serve. We are committed to minimizing carbon emissions within our operations, including our supply chain. In 2021, we; 

  • focused on reducing our emissions with targeted actions, such as electrifying our car fleet, promoting sustainable means of travel, and ensuring the transition towards renewable energy (through Guarantee of Origin).
  • Changed our methodology approach from location-based to market-based and added new location. To ensure consistency of the report and methodology all emissions factors and emission data from 2019 to 2021 have been updated and recalculated.

Emission data for Scope 3 is now added in Atea’s Carbon Footprint Report.


Download 2020 CFR ->
Download 2019 CFR ->

Atea’s memberships and alliances

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Terra Carta Logo

Our sustainability ratings and rankings


Atea received a Platinum rating from Ecovadis for the third consecutive year, placing us in the top 1% of over 90 000 assessed companies. The rating evaluates the areas of Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

2022 – Platinum
2021 – Platinum
2020 – Platinum

See Ecovadis certificate

Global 100

In 2022 Atea was ranked as the world’s most sustainable IT services company by Corporate Knights, ranking 51st overall in the Global 100. The rating focuses on “clean capitalism” and includes environmental, social, and governance aspects of our operations, as well as related economic aspects.


Atea has maintained “Prime” status with ISS since 2018. This rating is awarded to companies with an ESG performance above the sector-specific Prime threshold. That means fulfiling ambitious performance requirements. More than 6800 companies are assessed by ISS on ESG metrics.

2022 – Prime
2021 – Prime
2020 – Prime

Other ratings and rankings




Atea received a B rating from CDP in 2021, the second consecutive year-over-year improvement. CDP conducts an in-depth assessment of our climate policies, actions, and metrics.


In 2021, The Financial Times and data powerhouse Statista ranked Atea among a select group of European companies that have made the greatest progress in curbing their greenhouse gas emissions relative to revenue.


Atea received an A rating from MSCI in 2021. MSCI rates companies on a “AAA” to “CCC” scale based on their exposure to industry specific ESG risks and their ability to manage those risks relative to peers.¹ 


Canalys Environmental Partner Leaders are those partners that have demonstrated both a strategy and a commitment to do better for their industry, people, community and environment. This badge recognizes those partners that are leading the industry in this regard.


Atea is categorized as a “low risk” company by Sustainalytics. This assessment looks at company- and industry-specific factors to consider the ESG risks we are exposed to. This is compared to the management systems and policies that are in place to mitigate the risks, resulting in a risk score.²


Atea has been recognized as a Nasdaq ESG Transparency partner, signifying our efforts in transparency on ESG issues.

Clean 200

The Clean200 companies are ranked by their clean revenues in U.S. dollars. The dataset is developed through assessment of a company’s revenue that aligns with the definitions laid out in the Corporate Knights Clean Taxonomy, primarily sourced from Corporate Knights Research.


In 2022, Atea ASA was included in this Index, which means we are one of 40 companies listed on Oslo Børs that demonstrates the best Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance.


¹ Copyright ©2022 MSCI.

² Copyright ©2022 Sustainalytics.

Policies and other documents

Our company-wide policies are aligned with industry standards and best practices and outline our approach in key areas.

Code of Conduct   |   Supplier Code of Conduct   |  Data Privacy Policy
Information Security Risk Management Policy   |  Climate Policy   |   CSR Overview
Whistleblower Policy   |   Tax Policy   |   CDP Verification   |   The Place to Be

Our activities and services


Reuse and recycling of your old IT equipment. Goitloop offers simple, sustainable, secure and economically advantageous life cycle management for your IT equipment.

Leadership for change

A partnership of Nordic IT-buying organizations determined to create a market for more sustainable IT solutions and provide best practices.

Atea sustainability focus

Leveraging the power of the Nordic market to promote more sustainable IT and accelerate sustainable transformation of the global IT sector.

100% club

The 100%-club is an Atea initiative where we challenge and support organizations to take the responsibility they have as buyers of IT equipment, which is to become 100% circular.

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