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Secure and correctly sized data center

The modern data center is hybrid. It combines on-premise network, storage and compute infrastructure, with integrations to public and private cloud services in a common management solution.

Public cloud services include, for example, Microsoft Azure, Amazon and Google (services ordered and delivered via the internet).

Private cloud services include services produced and delivered by infrastructure providers such as Atea, or your own produced services made available over the internet.

Atea provides modern data center solutions to help your organization reliably meet today’s demands and scale for future needs.

Framework and methodology for the deployment of cloud services

We have developed our own cloud migration framework, CloudTrack. Our framework is perfect for businesses considering the cloud, and for businesses that have already started – and are evaluating their next steps.


Data center offerings

Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service protects your data by backing up important files and systems over the internet, or any other type of network connection.


We can help you develop and implement a strategy to modernize your IT environment with cloud solutions. We will guide you in choosing the right cloud solution, support you in migrating your data and manage operations and monitoring.

Cloud Intelligence Service

Cloud Intelligence Service is a platform that includes a self-service and automation portal for managing use of resources in your own data center, and in the public cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery provides fundamental security for companies running their own IT. In the event of a disruption, it is possible to switch to a copy of the IT environment in a matter of minutes. Thereby avoiding costly interruptions in operations.

Continuity planning

Continuity planning is about minimising risks and having a plan to restore applications, systems and vital functions quickly, and in a controlled manner.

Managed Data Center

We provide secure and cost-effective management of your data center in a long-term contract, enabling your IT department to free up time and focus on the needs of the organization.