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Security for businesses

Meet tomorrow's security challenges with a smarter workplace, where intelligent IT systems search for and detect security gaps - and where employees have a mature mindset toward data protection.

Protect valuable information and technology assets

IT security aims to protect an organisation’s valuable information and technology assets. IT security starts with an understanding of what are the risks for the assets and how these can be mitigated.

We can help your business with everything from training, risk assessments, workshops, audits, implementations, hiring of security personnel to final certification according to ISO 27001.

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Information security

Information security is a strategic approach to defending your organization from a system or data breach. Information security covers the entire organization and includes all control measures that are implemented to protect information and secure work processes. It is what users encounter in their daily lives. We help and guide you with analysis, methodological support and solutions to achieve your security needs.

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Managed IT security services

All businesses today are under constant cyber threats. We help you through the entire chain from analysis to the implementation of comprehensive, automated protection - preventing breaches and alerting you when the threat landscape changes.

Security Operation Center Plus (SOC+)
With Atea SOC+, you can enjoy round-the-clock, year-round security monitoring, with experts on hand to help you in the event of an incident.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Quickly create value, intelligence and visibility. A log management tool that helps you all the way.