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Sustainable IT and lifecycle management

Atea promotes sustainability throughout the entire lifecycle of the technology it sells – from advising customers on product selection to efficient IT operations and IT recycling services.

Atea offers services to help customers achieve their sustainability goals within IT.



Goitloop is a program where Atea collects and processes used IT equipment from customers, ensures that data is securely erased, and prepares the devices for reuse or recycling. This extends the life of existing IT equipment and addresses problems with electronic waste.

Reuse and recycle your old IT equipment. Goitloop offers simple, secure and economically beneficial lifecycle management for your IT equipment.

Your IT equipment is valuable

What if the IT equipment that you think is obsolete could be given a new life somewhere else? What if someone could make it easy, safe and with consideration for the environment? What if? Think loop.

Goitloop is a reuse and recycling service for IT products. When devices are returned through Goitloop, the information thereon is securely erased, and they are evaluated by condition. The vast majority of devices can be reused, and the rest are recycled.

Managing your IT sustainably is an obvious way to take responsibility for a sustainable future. At the end of the loop, you will receive a climate report that shows the climate savings that your reuse and recycling have contributed to.

Customised loops for your needs

Goitloop is available in several sizes and variants. Whether you only have a few devices, or the entire organisation’s devices are to be reclaimed, there is a choice for you.

In our eShop you can easily choose the loop that is most suitable for your organisation.

How the service works:

  • Ordering is carried out via Atea eShop.
  • We provide a secure cabinet.
  • You put in the equipment you want to return.
  • Transport takes place to our logistics center.
  • We erase, value and clean the devices.
  • What can be given new life is sold on. The rest is recycled.
  • You get money back for the reused devices and the climate savings are shown in your climate report.
Atea Smartphone
A comprehensive solution for mobile phone management, with reuse and recycling upon return of the devices. Employee support is provided by specialists and if a phone goes missing, you can delete sensitive information remotely.

Atea Smartphone is an offering where we administer and manage the lifecycle of your mobile phones for a monthly fee, while ensuring that they are securely reused or recycled at the end of their life. At the same time, you receive environmental policies, procedures and control over security, finances and support.

A complete service at a fixed monthly cost

Employees do much of their work on their mobile phones and in case they be lost or stop working, they need to be replaced and their settings restored, as quickly as possible.

By having Atea take care of your mobile devices, you gain control over your mobile management, a controlled order flow and you ensure that your phone works, throughout its entire lifecycle. Once the phone has outlived its useful life to you, we will contact you for a replacement, the old device will be reused or recycled.

Complete management of your services

We manage phones, provide support, inventory management, maintain and ensure good customer security. Also included is free on-site replacement in case your phone breaks.

For the IT department, the service is easy to manage and packaged for quick and efficient implementation in the business.

Free swap service

  • You get access to a pool of replacement units
  • Technician replaces unit on site, next business day

Extended warranty

  • Extended warranty to 24 months
  • Warranty claims are handled free of charge by the same swap service as for damaged phones
  • Warranty claims are free of charge and do not remove units from your replacement pool

How does the service work?

The service is based on a 24-month contract that we will sign with you.

With Atea Smartphone, you get your own online shop, where you can order the mobile phones you need on an ongoing basis. After 24 months, we take back your Smartphone, erase it and it gets a new user elsewhere, giving you as a customer a closed life cycle.

During that time, issues might arise that need to be dealt with. Users have direct access to 24-7 support, which means the IT department does not have to deal with all the questions about the phone not working. This also applies to the apps that come with the mobile phone.

If a phone breaks, the employee contacts our service and technicians will come out with a new phone and take the old one back within 24 hours. During the contract period, you can replace 5% of your phones freely. Service is carried out by an authorised workshop.

Managed workplace
With Managed Workplace you can improve the efficiency and enjoy uninterrupted operation of your company’s IT workplace.

Outsourcing with Managed Workplace for uninterrupted operation of your company’s IT workplace. We assist you with operations through a fully managed and continuously updated client platform. This enables your employees to work efficiently and evolve with your business needs both today and tomorrow.

Uninterrupted operation of the IT workplace - from purchase to reuse

The modern workplace is sustainable, creative and personalised for the individual, where employees can choose where they want to work from. This flexibility requires the support of solutions that enable data and document sharing and digital forms of collaboration.

With a managed workplace, we take overall responsibility for the operation and support of your workplace, on your existing hardware or in the context of new client purchases. This includes software and application installation, troubleshooting, patching, image management and proactive maintenance. You don’t have to monitor updates and lifecycle management, but you can instead spend your time working more closely with the business and supporting the organisation in development and innovation.

Gain flexibility, control and capacity to evolve with the market

Being an Atea customer is a partnership. Managed Workplace is a flexible service where Atea ensures that your workplace has access to the latest technology. Atea attaches great importance on proactively developing our customers to jointly benefit from technological advances in the market.

The collective power of sustainable IT

Nordic companies are at the forefront when it comes to setting sustainability requirements. Atea is the largest provider of IT infrastructure in the Nordic region. Atea’s customer base is a collective force for sustainability - that we have brought together in our two initiatives, Atea Sustainability Focus and the 100% Club.

ASF logo on forrest background

Atea Sustainability Focus

Atea Sustainability Focus accelerates the transition towards more sustainable IT. We bring together the voice of Nordic IT buyers, create a platform for dialogue and drive important issues towards the industry. Step by step, together we are raising the bar in global sustainability work.

100% club logo on forrest background

100% Club for the circular economy

The 100% club is group of customers committed to ensuring that 100% of their equipment is returned for IT reuse and recycling. You and your organisation have the power to reduce your carbon footprint by supporting the circular economy. Atea will guide you along the way.

Atea is the world’s most sustainable IT services company

Atea is the most sustainable company in the category of IT services, according to the Global 100 index published by the Toronto-based research firm Corporate Knights in 2024. This makes Atea a leader in the industry and number 41 in the overall global ranking.

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