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Digital trailblazing at the library

Trailblazing a modern library for the digital era: Lithuania’s National Library

Lithuania’s National Library today is innovating how it manages and delivers services to visitors, thanks to modern IT provided by Atea. Together, they are rethinking what a modern library can be to citizens.

After eight years of reconstruction, the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania recently re-opened its doors to the public. It was worth the wait. Visitors today are now able to browse up to twice as much space within the building than before. And there is more to this reconstruction than meets the eye. The library also did a massive overhaul and upgrade of its IT systems, thanks to their trailblazing work with Atea.

Rethinking the modern library

It was a project that called for a complete rethinking about what a modern library needed to provide. Not just a place for books, but also a place for people to gather, learn and connect online. In other words: wall sockets, wifi and robust networks are all now vital parts of a successful library in the digital age.

Mantas Janavičius, the Library’s Head of IT Management, explains that as they were updating their IT systems, several requirements were identified. “Key among them: security, reliability of our Internet connection, and being able to withstand growing visitor traffic online.” It called for a vision: one in which IT infrastructure management was transformed into a simple, continuous activity for employees, while making economical use of existing infrastructure.

A hybrid solution

Working with Atea, a unique hybrid solution was developed: one that combined

different technologies to find meaningful connections by combining solutions from different manufacturers.

Atea’s project manager Linas Nemanis brought together a team of seasoned specialists to turn this concept into reality. Among the experts in data transfer and security that this hybrid solution brought together included IT solutions architect Vytautas Kelmelis.

This project resulted full IP telephony integrated into a previously used Microsoft cloud system. “This step into the future for libraries is a first: not only for Lithuania, but in all the Baltic States,” says Kelmelis. The result is Microsoft Skype for Business infrastructure integrated into the library’s data center. It is combined with Cisco’s voice gateway connected to external telephone lines and complemented by Polycom IP phones and Audiocode’s voice recording system.

Another vital part of this project is the design of its wireless communication system. Implemented by Atea and Cisco network solution specialists Vytautas Zulonas and Tomas Kirvelaitis, they tackled the challenge of increasing visitor traffic and ensuring a stable connection for one thousand or more visitors at a same time—all while ensuing a secure networking environment.

The Martynas Mažvydas project has been so successful that it’s become a model for other libraries in Lithuania to follow. Now, modern libraries can be what citizens want them to be: not just places that house books, but also places for exchanging information.

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