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Creative and punctual with IT

Keeping an architectural practice focused on tight deadlines and creative output

Being creative and delivering on time are jobs that go hand-in-hand at Schmidt Hammer Lassen. They count on bulletproof IT. And Atea is there to deliver.

The internationally renowned architect firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen understands the pressure of producing great work under tight deadlines: they thrive by meeting that expectation. With offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, London, Shanghai and Singapore, and with projects across many time zones, there is no downtime in their drawing room. They need to be able to count on having IT support there running quietly and reliably, 24/7.

For Schmidt Hammer Lassen, IT failure of any kind—one that’s even just measured in minutes—could have major consequences. A crashed hard drive, for example, could mean a drawing room might not be able to complete a project on time. Or a client could be left waiting for much needed revisions. Potential new business could be at risk of being lost to a competitor.

The risks are significant. And avoidable.

Preventive work, reliable outcomes

Working with Atea, an early-warning system was developed for the firm’s entire IT infrastructure. It means that the company—one that has offices located around the world— can anticipate a technology-related problem and get in front of it quickly with a local-based solution, no matter where it occurs within their operation.

Michael Nielsen Sode-Olsen is responsible for the firm’s entire IT environment across four countries. By working with Atea, he counts on HP’s Proactive Care monitoring system for his network. It includes Inside Remote Support, enabled on all of the company’s servers and storage units located in offices around the world.

“This is about working smarter,” says Sode-Olsen. “We don’t need to have IT people situated at each of our locations. Instead, we use technology to quickly diagnose network, server and storage errors and predict future crashes.” He explains that this system is so accurate that it can predict IT failures hours before they actually occur. It gets reported to HP directly and arrangements are made to send in a local technician with replacement part on order. All of this happens behind the scene as far as the client is concerned.

Huge time savings

This system provides significant time savings to Sode-Olsen. “It means that I’ve gone from two to three days of weekly travel to just a few times a month, and in my team, we no longer have to be switched to be on-duty at all times of the day. So I can now spend more time prioritizing users and thinking about how we can grow our business.” To that end, he highly recommends buying a support agreement, so that you have only one number to call when you need assistance.

To reduce downtime as much as possible and ensure due diligence, Sode-Olsen receives a quarterly report from Proactive Care: a kind of report card on the health of the company’s IT infrastructure. When he receives reports marked in red, he knows right away where immediate action is warranted. “Having that report saves me so much time and reduces overtime costs. Now, my team and I can sleep better at night,” he says.

Advantages to Schmidt Hammer Lassen by choosing HP Proactive Care:
  • 24-hour system monitoring
  • Higher uptime rates
  • Hardware failures identified before they occur
  • Infrastructure report card
  • Access to technical experts via hotline

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