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Technology in modern workspaces

Technology in modern workspace: helping people to connect and work more closely than ever before

Skanska is building its future with IT by working with Atea on the development of modern workspaces that make full use of the latest digital technology. It’s a solution that ensures people work more closely together than ever before.

A complete transformation in the way people work with each other. That’s how Skanska’s IT Director, Jo Mortensen, describes the impact their new, modern workspaces have had on this Oslo-based project development and construction company. These were developed with Atea’s professional insights on how to integrate IT into today’s digital friendly work environment.

Closer cooperation from smarter IT

The firm needed a solution that would encourage close cooperation between 370 employees, as well as with subcontractors and project partners at sites around the world. “With Atea, we found a winning formula: one that’s brought in a lot of fresh expertise into our new office,” says Mortensen. Just as important, they wanted a workplace that could make full use of the powerful digital tools available today. They wanted an IT friendly environment working for them from the first morning coffee of the day until the last meeting before close of business.

The outcome: four meeting rooms developed by Atea and its technology partners. Each one is designed to make optimal use of IT to meet the needs of staff. All are equipped with videoconferencing, so that cross-site communication is smooth and seamless—making it the preferred choice of staff versus having to book a lot of costly, time-consuming travel.

Mortensen points to one of the firm’s larger meeting spaces created within this project. Thanks to built-in videoconferencing, even their biggest teams can meet at once: including those who are on-site at locations around the world. “The large screens in the room create such a natural environment that people see them as a natural extension of that space. It feels like everyone is in the same room together at once.”

The power of collaboration and insight

The positive, collaborative work between Atea and Skanska on this project has carried over into how staff use these new workspaces. “Atea has been a great advisor to us at every stage,” adds Mortensen. “They’ve shown a deep understanding of employee needs.”

That deep connection is the outcome of a process. As Atea’s Regional Director, Kim Grove-Knutsen, explains: “Skanska's philosophy aligns with how we work. We put the needs of our customers first, and then find the IT solutions that fit: not the other way around.”

Influencing the daily work habits of staff was a major factor in the success of this project. And Atea understood this. “Our work with Skanska solved this challenge because everyone worked closely together throughout each phase of the project,” Grove-Knutsen points out.

Success on this project has set the groundwork for future work together in this relatively new field of creating smart workspaces. After all, these spaces were built to perform and to impress. And Atea’s work has achieved both: leaving a lasting, positive impression on Mortensen and his team. “What better reference can a customer get than showcasing their new workspace designed in collaboration with Atea?”

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