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Big game made bigger

Larger than life, better than ever: Football fans in Stavanger experience the game in a stunning new way, thanks to Atea.

Through its partnership with Atea, Viking FK invested in new LED technology, giving football fans in Stavanger a stunning new way to experience the game.

Stavanger residents love their local football team, Viking FK. And for good reason. They boast one of the most successful records in the country, having won eight 8 Norwegian Premier League titles and more top-flight league games than any other club. They draw legions of fans: averaging 10,000 in the stands for home games at Viking Stadium.

Viking FK owners wanted to reward their fans with the best spectator experience possible. So they turned to Atea to help. As Kjartan Salvesen, the Sales Director at Viking Stavanger FC explains: “We were lacking digital screens, both LEDs and big-screen format.” The ownership also recognized there were new opportunities created by implementing digital displays in the stadium

“While the investment was unchartered territory for us, says Salvesen, “the implementation was painless, thanks to Atea. Planning, business cases, implementation and service meant that we had practically no problems, from start until our first home game. In summary, you could say we now have more products and stronger communications channels. In addition, the stadium now appears more modern, which is a benefit to the spectators.”

The big picture on the big game [CAPTION BOX]
Here are the details on the LED big screen experience that Viking fans enjoy at home games:
• 240 meters of LED perimeter screens, covering the entire TV zone
• Information boards by all exits, 26 altogether
• Two scoreboards
• All managed by Cisco Stadium Vision: a solution developed specifically for showing advertising at sporting arenas, but also in use for information/advertising screens in airports or other large areas.

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