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Ib Kunøe

Ib Kunøe (b. 1943) has decades of experience as an entrepreneur and investor in the IT sector. He brings strategic insight and practical experience from building profitable businesses and from turnaround processes. Kunøe holds an HD Graduate Diploma in Organisation and Management as well as a background as a professional officer (major). He is the founder and owner of Consolidated Holdings A/S and is the main shareholder and Chairman of the Board in a broad variety of Danish owned companies such as Netop Solutions, Columbus IT A/S, X-Yachts A/S.

Holdings in the company: 29,833,366 shares (direct ownership and close associates).

In addition Ib Kunøe controls 165,774 shares by a voting agreement.

Totally Ib Kunøe controls 29,999,140 shares.

Ib Kunøe
Chairman of the Board
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