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Atea’s parent company was founded in 1968 under the name Merkantildata, as a pioneer within the emerging market for information technology within Norway. The company became the largest provider of IT infrastructure and related services in Norway, and was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 1985.

The modern history of the company dates to 2006, when Merkantildata (then called Ementor) merged with Top Nordic, the largest IT infrastructure provider in Denmark. The combined company then acquired Atea, the largest IT infrastructure provider in Sweden. This was followed in 2007 by the acquisition of Sonex Group, the largest IT infrastructure provider in the Baltic region.

The merged company took the name Atea in 2009. Atea then took the initiative to consolidate the market further through the acquisition of more than 50 companies, building additional market presence and scale advantages in its core geographies.

Through acquisitions and organic growth, Atea has achieved an unrivalled position across the Nordic and Baltic regions, providing customers with a unique range of product competence and local market presence.

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