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Election of employee representatives to the Board of Atea ASA

Press release 2022-04-28

The result of the election was as follows:

  • Leiv Jarle Larsen (re-elected)
  • Marius Hole
  • Nelly Flatland

The following deputy board members were elected:

  • Truls Berntsen
  • Marianne Urdahl
  • Mari Tysnes Tunheim
  • Eugenie Bakous
  • Arild Fevang

The term of office for the new employee's representatives starts from today and expires following the Annual General Meeting in 2024.

For further information, please contact:
Steinar S√łnsteby, CEO Atea ASA, mobile (+47) 930 55 655
Robert Giori, CFO Atea ASA, mobile (+47) 934 09 188

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