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Atea's objective is to offer competitive returns to its shareholders through capital appreciation and a high dividend payout. The General Meeting declares the annual dividend based on a proposal from the Board of Directors.

The company's policy is to distribute approximately 70-100 percent of net profit after tax to shareholders in the form of a dividend. Any dividends proposed by the Board to the General Meeting shall be justified based on the company's dividend policy and its capital requirements, in accordance with the Norwegian Public Companies Act (allmennaksjeloven) § 8-1.


Date of payment Dividend per share
2020-11-19 NOK 5.00*
2019-11-06 NOK 3.25*
2019-05-15 NOK 3.25*
2018-11-06 NOK 3.25*
2018-05-08 NOK 3.25*
2017-11-01 NOK 3.25*
2017-05-12 NOK 3.25*
2016-11-01 NOK 3.25*
2016-05-09 NOK 3.25*
2015-10-23 NOK 3.25*
2015-05-06 NOK 3.25*


* For Norwegian tax purposes, the dividend shall be considered as repayment of paid in capital.

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